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Aug 3, 2010

Hey diary...

I'm bck! Im okay now.. *big smile* ;)

Just cme bck frm test for car license. All pass. Alhamdulillah... Cnt wait for evrything. Buy a car wif my own, make up it, buy a bronze rims, R3 bodykit, black body colour wif some sticker at the side, Wallah! thats my wonderpetz ♥♥♥ ;)

Big thanks to all my friends that support me. Be at myside wen i'm alone. Im happy now. wnt to scream a lot, I'm okay!

p/s: if u single, im available now ;)


  1. yay!
    pasni dh de kete kte g jln2 jom~

  2. of coz sygs..
    i'll pick up u kte g jln2
    ronggeng2 crk bf.
    prove dat i cn live wthout dat useless guy!

  3. :))
    btw, msg me ur num kat my fb..
    hp rosak lew..