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Apr 1, 2011


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TQ :))

You & Me

Happy Anniversary yg ke-8 . not 8thn but 8months :))
ILY so much syg
nvr thought i'll fall in love with u
but im so happy dat i have u in my life
tQ fr make me sch a lucky girl
no words
describe how much iloveu !

Mar 29, 2011

Currently Listening to;

Currently i'm listening to Blind by Lifehouse : awesome !

" After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go... "

Keabadian Cinta Part II

Spotted at min 7:48

Extra in drama Keabadian Cinta

Spotted me at min 6:42 . Hahaha.. Walaupun review sikit tp pengalaman berlakon mmg best !
Khabir Bhatia is da best director.
Eizlan Yusof is a nice guy. He give me some tips how to success in life during a break while shoot this movie.
Tiz Zaqyah, a very soft-spoken actress. How she act is a real her.
I admired 'em :))

p/s: pernah join shoot drama Kapten Kit arahan Aziz M Osman d Hartamas and great time wif A.R Badul :)

Mar 28, 2011

BN Youth Job Fair & Haircut

Just update my last weekend. Saturday, working as usual. and plan to go to Dataran Merdeka but confirm sesak and full so batalkan saja niat tu. Rest at home watching TV and drama Khalifah in slot Cerekarama. Sunday, must watch Melodi. After that take a bath and going out for lunch wif syg at corner Kg. Baru. Kelantanese restoran wif a lot of lauk-pauk. and totally mmg sedap giler ! but u r surrounded wif Kelantanese of coz.. :))
During lunch, wait for my syg cousin came from Ipoh. bring him to PWTC for BN Youth Job Fair 2011. He graduated in Degree of SAP Logistic (sorry if i mistake). So hopefully he got a job as soon as possible so can treat me and syg. Afif, carik keje cepat! *heee* . Hey, that job fair is good for young people like us. A thousand of jobs are offered. I think this kind of job fair shud be held as many so no more jobless especially for graduated young peps. After that, bring him to cut his hair yg dh mcm hantu tu.. Wallah, he look more handsome now..
Time shows 9.00pm, im tired and i ask syg to go back. Arrive home and eat some burger tanglong buy in front of my apartment. Watching Mentor and go to sleep at 11.30pm. 
My weekend this week not as fun as last week where i had a marathon movie with him. Myb my next week much fun. Update later. ...

Mar 26, 2011

My Sweet Memories

I am so excited bila dpt jmp gadis manis dlm pic di atas ni.
She's my lil sister
Dulu-dulu zmn sekolah asrama, bajet semua senior kena amek adik angkat
So i found her. First time tgk trus jth hati
Dia sgt comel. and what i like bout her is lesung pipit die.
OMG! sgttt cute. dgn pp yg tembam tu.
Msh igt dulu-dulu selalu tulis surat kat dia
Then bila blk dr cuti mst belikan dia cokelat or anything yg terlintas
Now, after bout 10years, i found her bck through FB
lepas rindu dpt tgk dia semula
msh comel and cute mcm dulu
and yes she is Fatin Haziqah yg i love so mch years ago

p/s: gilerr miss sgt2 kt dia !

Mar 24, 2011

Make Ur Own Desktop Wallpaper

Okay, kali ni nak share some tips. Maybe u oll know much better tapi for beginner and peps yg tak berapa reti nak godek2 software ni shud try this thing. For me, i love to make my own pc/desktop wallpaper. Yela, hari2 bkak je pc/laptop mst nmpk wallpaper dulu kan. So, mst u ol nk ltk pic yg nice. I find this very easy software. Picasa 3. Its FREE beb.. mmg berbaloi. just download and use. simple kan. Its very easy than adobe photoshop. and honestly i'm luvin it. Click here to free download http://picasa.google.com/ . Not need a manual book coz ur guys must know how to use it. Ok, gud luck guys ! :)

this is mine on my first trial ♥ ♥ ♥