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Jul 9, 2010

P S Y C HO :[

Dear diary...

I'm sick and tired rite nw. Lots of works, and someone psycho come into my life. Ouh Gosh! WTF. why me? i'm bored. plsss stay away frm me ur psychic. i hate u . i rly2 hate u . dun force me to accept u oke. i dun hv feeling wif u. neva and neva. i'm done.

to him; dun force me oke. i didnt mean to hurt u. u jst my fren n not more than that. i cn accpt u but not diz time. myb if u cn wait for jst a month i cn gve u a chance. :[

sometime xphm la dgn guy yg desperate nk girlfriend ni. ooouhh rly PSYCHO! *scary*

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