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Jul 6, 2010

Everything is UNDONE

Dear diary...

Lately was unperfect for me. evrything is undone! keje smakin byk and kepala smkin semak. Kusut. tired with dis all things happen. mana nk pk keje yg blambak2. perangai si dia yg xberubah2. EGO. and i hate it. i hate evrything bout him. he neva try to understand me. neva! susa sgt ke nk pujuk. ah. xphm dgn manusia bernama "lelaki" ni. today's entri jst nk update wat happen to me all this week.

1. 2nd July, bought a new phone. jst nokia biasa2 je. gaji ciput and xmampu nk buy da expensive one. tuka dr SE to Nokia. prefer nk function lately ni. Spend bout 500 on it. until today i rly lve it. tQ :]

2. 3rd July, going to Jln Ipoh meet all my frens. Lepaking sambil watching wc, Germany vs Argentina. great game. ilveit! . teruja sgt smpai xsedar terjerit2 and it was ashame. all guys at da mamak Argentina's fan. OMG. nsb baek xkena belasah. haha. funny. end of da game, lyn karaoke. but no moods nk nyanyi mlm tu. jst lyn my frens nyanyi. sume lagu jiwang. sgt tdk selesa. *huh* :(

3. 4th July, its was a bored Sunday in my life. wake up at 12noon. watching Jln2 Cari Makan. and my stomach start singing. i was craving for all foods displayed. pewot tga lapa sume benda nmpk sedap. then layan Melodi. snguh busan dgn dunia artis. gosip xabes2. after follow him to shooting last 3 month, nw i knoe who da real malaysian artis. all fake. trst me! i hate 'em.

4. Monday morning, start to work bck. Hate again when see da mess on my table. Hey! Plss.. buatla keje sndiri.

5. Today, still got a lot of work undone. After work hve to meet someone. Help yendy to sold her phone, E63. got a commsion frm her. :) *big smile*. then jln2 psr mlm. 9pm meet peps again. try to hve a part time job. hope cn get it.

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