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Jan 13, 2011

Love.Eat.Laugh like Haven

Yesterday had dinner dgn si dia di Haven. I rly2 love that place . mmg haven la . niceee sgttt ! dapat tgk panorama KL dari atas bukit dgn cuaca dingin . Ouh sgtt indah . Btw, fyi Haven ni terletak di Look Out Point Bukit Ampang . Dekat Look Out Point tu ada dalam 5 buah restoran dan yg paling tinggi adalah Panorama Restaurant . Myb in my list for my next visit . Actly suka lepak Haven coz ade Shisha . ya, ya, favourite Jamaica ade kat situ . And Haven serve Western Food in Arabic style . So, check out some photos for ur guys . And for those who never been there yet , plsss take a key and go ! ;)

Entrance of Haven : Welcome !

View of Kuala Lumpur from our table

Yes, that my Barbican Apple and at back Lychee Milk Ice for him
( Barbican : RM5 ++)
(Lychee Milk Ice : RM8 ++)

Grilled Chicken Special : RM25++

a face after see a bill . aduhai syggg

itu birthday girl !

Total : RM73 ++ (plus 10% service charge)
i'm 100% happy
Big hugs to my love . u are so MEAN to me .

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