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Jan 8, 2011

Happy Birthday ALLISON !

Today is my favourite finalist of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 . ALLISON HARVARD . the cute big ball eyes. waaallllllaaaaahhh ! die mmg sgtttt sggtt la comel . Even dia tak menang malam tu tp dia tetap my favourite. Mata dia sgtt mengancam . OMG sgtt cute . ;)


Date of birth : January 8 , 1988
Place of birth : New Orleans , Louisiana
Height : 5ft 9inch
Hair colour : Blonde
Eye colour : Blue

Allison grews up in Houston, Texas but currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana . In 2006 , Allison graduated from Klein High School . In addition to modelling, Allison is also a painter and photographer and has had her artwork featured in the novel 'The Story Told at Night' by Lisa Kuznetsova . In late 2005 , Allison gained notoriety as a non-self posting internet meme known as Creepy-chan, Tussin-chan and later Cute-chan on the imageboard 4chan and Myspace. Her pictures are commonly posted on internet forums where she gained fame and her nicknames due to her heavy eye makeup and wide-eyed stare .

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