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Dec 22, 2010

Bye-bye 2010

Its 10 days more to end of 2010 . and i want to update 10 things that happen to me on 2010 .

1) Start year 2010 with my happiest birthday party i ever had 24 years old i open my eyes . credit to Ahmad Zharif a.k.a Bellon (my ex-bf) coz make my 24th besday like a dream. and tQ to ur present Roxy's bag (sorry cos that bag i've already thrown away). And clash with this stupid after 7 month couple.

2) Chinese New Year in February, its been a year i work at CKE and as usual every year i got bonus b4 CNY and its time to shopping . I bought Nokia 5800 but sadly its broken 4 month later .

3) My ex-hubby, Muhamad Ariff called me at office and it was shocked ! after a year he leave me then in March he called me back. hmmm... sound imposibble . now i know y . he in trouble. borrow me some money then got problem with his gf . WTF ! carik aku time susah je . Go to Hell la laki . Skrg ni dh bhgia dgn gf dia. MAYBE ! sungguh malang gadis itu. :)

4) Stop clubbing but still smoking .

5) Berat badan semakin bertambah & bertambah & bertambah . Letih dgr org asyik ckp gemok!gemok!gemok! Wuteva. I love myself .

6) Keluar masuk bilik Manager. Always late to work , absent(ponteng), bla..bla..bla..

7) Dah pandai bwk kereta and got my license ! (almost)

8) I've coloured my hair into black . Weird sbb selalu blonde je.

9) Skin desease . GrrrrRRrrr! parut sana sini . OMG, tension sgt tp redha jela. hopefully Bio-Oil tu berkesan la.

10) Found a new LOVE . A friend of my friend. Then lost contact for a year . Got his number in my notebook that i keep in wardrobe. Miscall then he call me back . Took 15minute to remmber bck. Then lepak minum2 . Jumpe and jumpe. Time puasa semakin rapat and i know that i fall in love with him. Thank God he love me too. Now im happy with him! Honestly he much better than my 2 stupid ex-bf :P tengs to Mohd Noor Hanif Zulkefli . ILYSM .

Hope 2011 make my life more happier and i want all my wishlist been done before end of 2011. the most thing is get married (mwahahahahaha) .

Stop mengarut la YAYA !

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