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Dec 11, 2010


Hey my beautiful monster ...

Its saturday today. Im still working. HUH! tired of dis all. i want to QUIT. and just sleep at home... Today my aunt's weeding. Congrats mak ecah on your weeding and sorry im not coming back. :(

Im going to off and unavailable on bloggers for a while . Start my writing on 2011 maybe. Sorry guys. and big hugs to all that support me a lot . and for those who been stalker, big punch on ur face. U're just like a SHIT! Get off la . Update my life until today 11/12/2010, im happy wif my b, Mohd Noor Hanif. He make me want to fly away. TQ syg for ur love and ily so muchiesss !

So, take care guys. Im gonna miss u . Sayonara *T_T*

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