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Mar 28, 2011

BN Youth Job Fair & Haircut

Just update my last weekend. Saturday, working as usual. and plan to go to Dataran Merdeka but confirm sesak and full so batalkan saja niat tu. Rest at home watching TV and drama Khalifah in slot Cerekarama. Sunday, must watch Melodi. After that take a bath and going out for lunch wif syg at corner Kg. Baru. Kelantanese restoran wif a lot of lauk-pauk. and totally mmg sedap giler ! but u r surrounded wif Kelantanese of coz.. :))
During lunch, wait for my syg cousin came from Ipoh. bring him to PWTC for BN Youth Job Fair 2011. He graduated in Degree of SAP Logistic (sorry if i mistake). So hopefully he got a job as soon as possible so can treat me and syg. Afif, carik keje cepat! *heee* . Hey, that job fair is good for young people like us. A thousand of jobs are offered. I think this kind of job fair shud be held as many so no more jobless especially for graduated young peps. After that, bring him to cut his hair yg dh mcm hantu tu.. Wallah, he look more handsome now..
Time shows 9.00pm, im tired and i ask syg to go back. Arrive home and eat some burger tanglong buy in front of my apartment. Watching Mentor and go to sleep at 11.30pm. 
My weekend this week not as fun as last week where i had a marathon movie with him. Myb my next week much fun. Update later. ...

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