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Nov 22, 2010

I'm Suck !

Hey diary , morning ...

Its bout a month i didnt update my blog . miss it? myb not . Actually im too bz wif other things . and last 3 weeks i've a skin desease . i got scars on my feet and my hand and it rly make me suck! i cannot wear my sleeveless shirt anymore. cannot wear my short pants anymore. OMG! y me? ;(

And this morning, he make me angry again . i dont noe y . i feel that i never love him anymore . SORRY ! i didnt mean to hurt him. i just feel that im not interested to fall in love anymore. im coming 25 another 2months. 25 is not young for me . i shud have serious relationship rite now. jeles bila tgk all my school and college frens had married and some of them have a children . what a happy family they have . i dun care wut u say bout me but im totally 110% ready to get married . 110% ready to be a wife and mom . and today i swear if i didnt engaged/married next year, i wont married until i die ! i rly mean it!

My life getting suck and i rly hate it . Dear God, pls forgive me for wut i've done before :(( . i just need a better life .

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